All you need to know about teaRed teaRed tea is often mistakenly called "black" in Europe. Red tea refreshes mind and helps to relief the stomach pain. It is the most common type of tea, which is perfect for beginners
All you need to know about teaWhiteWhite tea always has been closer to the medicine shelf than to the tea ceremony. White tea holds record for containing max amount of catechins among all things in nature, which makes it so important in medicine
All you need to know about teaPu ErhPu Erh is the most popular Chinese tea in European world. It has strong distinctive taste and quite refreshing effect, almost like coffee. Its aroma is often compared to aroma of autumn forest and muddy taste. People either love it or hate it
All you need to know about teaGreen TeaGreen tea is the most famous type of Chinese tea. Green tea preserves most characteristics of fresh tea leaves
All you need to know about teaOolongOolong group contains the largest variety of teas. It is the latest type of tea and it is often called "Tea of the highest mastery", because it combines richness of green tea taste and aroma of red tea
All you need to know about teaMatchaMatcha is a Japanese tea, ground into powder. It has originated in Buddhist temples in China, while the tea manufacturing and preparation process has been capt, preserved and improved in Japan till our times
All you need to know about teaSenchaSencha is a Japanese green tea. Unlike in modern China, in Japan it is prepared with steeping, instead of frying. This is the most popular drink in Japan
All you need to know about teaGyokuroGyokuro translates as jade dew. It is another type of Japanese tea, however unlike sencha, it growth covered from direct sunlight for the most part of leaf development. This affects taste greatly, making it much softer and reduces bitterness to a great extent
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