Shui Xian

Harvest timeapril 2021
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    Amount7 grams
    Steeping Times8 times

    Narcissus or Shui Xian - is one of the oldest known oolong teas. Just like other WuYi oolongs, this one is roasted, yet maintains a very delicate and complex taste profile with spicy and floral notes. Some people treat it like a cheaper version of Da Hong Pao and order it for an everyday cup of tea, but I would encourage you to spend some quality time with this tea and give it a fair tasting. I personally believe, that this is not a cheaper version of anything - it is a very good tea on its own, with unique characteristics and qualities. Besides, the quality of this tea is really high. The only downside this tea has is it doesn't last as long as some other oolongs, but it's also priced much lower than similar WuYi teas. This is a steal for the money

    This tea is harvested in province Fujian

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